Woman confidently presenting on Zoom

Tips for presenting on Zoom

lisa mcaskill Presenting Tips

  • Lighting

    Ideally facing your computer toward a window with natural light coming onto your face will be the most flattering. If this is not possible use some lamps to bounce some light of the wall you are facing and maybe a side light to balance out light coming from other directions.

  • Background

    Check what’s behind you - it can say a lot about you! If you have messy bookshelves for instance, and “your brand” would lead people to assume you are organized and ordered, colour code or at least tidy them up! Think like an art director what can you bring into the background from around your home to make it look more appealing or to disguise things you don’t want others to see.

  • Touch Up Filter

    There’s a 'Touch Up My Appearance' button in the settings which for the vain amongst us gives a softer focus!

  • Sound

    Test your sound and make sure everything is charged before your meeting.

  • Perhaps Stand?

    We communicate and understand much through body language so if you have a lot of information to share you may want to stand to present it. It will give you and the presentation more energy but to do this you will obviously need to raise your computer.

  • Framing

    The filming/photographic framing rule of three is that if your computer screen was a grid divided into three horizontal lines your eye level should be in the middle of the top third horizontal line. (You might need to sit on a cushion to get a bit higher or raise up your computer with some books)

  • Your hands

    When the viewer can see your hands this will give them greater understanding and keep them engaged for longer. Some information though will be better delivered where the viewer can see into your eyes so they can decide whether or not they believe and trust you!