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My approach to media training is to start by gently building your confidence, giving you an understanding of how the media works, what to expect and how you can use it to your advantage.

So much about the way people perceive us is judged by HOW we say something, our tone of voice, what our facial expressions and body language is telling them. Hours can be spent creating key messages but if you don’t believe them or don’t feel comfortable delivering them then no one else will either!

Topics that can be covered...

  • Consciously creating your “brand” (how the public will describe you)

  • Different types of media advantages and disadvantages of dealing with them

  • Key messaging, using stories and analogies

  • Being succinct and speaking in “grabs”

  • Presenting on Camera – body language

  • In a crisis – Handling difficult questions and defending your story

  • Using the media to your advantage

  • Simplifying complex information

I don’t have a one size fits all policy – rarely if ever have I rolled out the same “training package”. In my experience everyone’s needs are different and so I like to create workshops that specifically suit you or your organisation’s needs.

I like to have a conversation with you over the phone or in person to find out your needs then put together a session plan that I think will work best for you.

I pride myself on being intuitive and addressing what is necessary in the session so time can be spent efficiently where it’s most needed.

COST- Please get in touch for a chat and quote.

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Media online interview to camera
Media presenting to camera
Greer Alexandra video presenting Lisa McAskill course
Media training students learning from Lisa McaAskill

Kind words from some of our previous clients and students...

You are the best at making people relax & finding hidden talents. Thank you Lisa McAskill. Yvonne Vickers
Lisa’s coaching was a great developmental experience for becoming comfortable in front of the camera, whether that be for telling our “good news” stories or crisis managing negative publicity. Put to the test, it has really helped me in presenting our key messages confidently and professionally, preparing for good outcomes when dealing with the media and learning tips for appearing relaxed and confident in interviews. Karen Aspery, CEO Riding for the Disabled Australia
Can definitely recommend Lisa she is an amazing teacher! Paula Turbill, Asia Pacific Business Consultant, Executive Search Advisor and passionate supporter of entrepreneurial women in business
"The media can be a beast but if you understand how to work with it, you can use it to enormous benefit."
Lisa McAskill

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