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In my experience, everyone’s needs are different and so I like to create workshops that specifically suit you and your organisation’s requirements, rather than following a pre-prepared presentation or workbook. That’s just not my style. I’d love to have a conversation and put together a session plan that I think will be relevant, practical and beneficial.

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"Lisa is a wonderful public speaking coach, she is smart, caring, direct enthusiastic and supportive she goes above and beyond. Lisa worked with me in a one-on-one custom coaching setting. Lisa has helped me tremendously with a few presentations I have made and transformed them from great presentations to wonderful presentations. I had the story but my challenge was how to tell "my story" in a compelling, emotional, and genuine way that would captivate the audience and get them hooked right away. Lisa helped me to figure out what part of "my story" to tell, and most importantly "how to tell it". I am grateful for all of her help and definitely recommend working with Lisa for help with creating a professional, interesting presentation and crafting personal stories in your presentation! "
Anna Liptak, Director Adventure Time Travel and His and Her Time Health and Fitness
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