1.5 Hr Networking Workshop

When you hear the word NETWORKING does it conjure up feelings of being awkward, self-serving and a bit icky? The aim of this interactive workshop is to change your perception of networking and arm you with some strategies, tools and insights to turn it from something dreaded into an opportunity that you actually look forward too!

Short and snappy this 1.5hr workshop is packed full of practical tips to encourage you or your team to enthusiastically embrace networking opportunities.

I developed this Networking Workshop in response to being asked by various companies keen to get all their staff/team to participate in networking for business development.

It covers...

  • How to introduce yourself and what you do, in such a way that leads to further conversation and instant effortless communication.

  • Clarifying what you have to offer

    A confidence building exercise to run through before a networking event.

  • Creating rapport – NLP technique of mirroring and masking

  • Takeaway list of questions you can use to keep the conversation going

  • Where to stand in the room to optimise meeting new people

  • What to wear

    Things to consider in choosing your outfit to get noticed for all the right reasons!
    “Style is more than substance initially” – first impressions do count

  • Follow up strategies – It’s not worth going if you don’t follow up

    Ways to build relationships and connections beyond just connecting or friending on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Program Highlights:

  • Practical tips and takeaways for even
    the shyest of participants
  • Confidence and communication strategies
    that can also be used immediately
    in day to day dealings with clients

Cost: 595

  • Can be attended by up to 10 participants

1.5 hours

Extra Value & Attention:

  • Lisa will share her knowledge of networking opportunities and groups from her connections across many different industries
Networking workshop course party
Business people at networking event
Group of people at networking event
Group of business people at networking event

Kind words from some of our previous clients and students...

So grateful to you Lisa! The course is great! Emma van Kekem, Journalist/Newsreader at Austereo Adelaide (SAFM, Triple M) Music and Production Coordinator at Australian School of Performing Arts
You have a kind and nurturing way that mentors us to our best. Thank you. Courtney Wilson, Face of Burns for Blinds TV Commercials
I have really enjoyed it so much - would love to do it again! Laila Ferrier, Marketing ABC Adelaide
"Networking is about building rapport and trust and should be doing more for the other person than you at the start."

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