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Public Speaking, Media Training, Video Presenting, Job Interview Skills. I can help with preparation for a speech or work presentation, scripting and presenting on camera for a video, preparing to speak to the media.

Sometimes all that is needed is a couple of focused hours one on one. It might be just for some confidence building, clarity and some “outside thinking” on a presentation, video or media appearance.

  • Preparing presentations can be stressful. Working under time pressures and expectations can block your creativity.

  • This is where I come in to help you to get the information out creatively, to make a memorable call to action and a potentially life changing impression.

  • In my experience sometimes it’s tricky for us to look at our information objectively, we are too close, see it just from our point of view or with a particular industry focus and we can completely overlook information that will be of interest to an audience because it seems so basic to us!

  • It’s important for me to get to know you, work out your style and brand so that I can advise what will work best for you. I like to have a quick chat beforehand so that I can address what is most necessary and will be the best use of time for maximum benefit in the session.

COST: Please get in touch for a chat and quote.

I’m happy to come to your workspace, can be flexible with times and will keep the information you share with me confidential.
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Kind words from some of our previous clients and students...

Working with Lisa was fantastic. When we first met, I was completely new to public speaking and only had a very basic outline of my keynote. Over 2 or 3 meetings Lisa asked a lot questions and very cleverly helped me uncover so many hidden memories, many of which are vital parts of my story! With that outline we then built and rehearsed an hour long keynote. I have since presented this for a large corporate company in front of over 150 people with great success. Thank you Lisa, your help and knowledge was invaluable.Darren Hicks, Professional Para-Cyclist
I’ve finally been able to put those camera presenting skills to good use! Currently working for NT Major Events Company in Darwin and just a few days ago I was asked to do a piece to camera helping promote an upcoming sporting event. Was a little nervous to present in a public space but remembered your great tips and tricks from the workshop which definitely helped a lot! Have received lots of positive comments about the video, which is pretty encouraging to hear after working as a print journo! If I hadn’t spent that time with you working on presenting skills I’m not sure I would’ve been able to do the piece to camera, so just want to say a big thank you! I can’t wait to do more pieces to camera and improve even more! Thanks again Lisa! Isabella Hood, Media and Communications Specialist at Northern Territory Major Events Company
I am so grateful to have been coached by the best in the business Lisa McAskill you’ve made such an impact on who I am. And I am incredibly proud and grateful for your patience and guidance The fact that I took so long to decide on what to do for that video - became the catalyst for the path I would take. You are one of a kind. We are all so blessed to have you.Sally Lydia Paech, Managing Director OrganiQ Writer and Communication Stylist
"We have to become the best we can be. That is our sacred human duty."
Albert Einstein

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