5 Week Public Speaking Course

As a naturally shy person, I’m not interested in helping you become the ‘loudest’ person in the room. But I do believe that anyone can master public speaking. My objective is to help you stand in front of any audience and share your voice in a way that feels authentic and purposeful to you. I truly believe your fears should not have the power to impede your dreams and I’d love to help you overcome fear and become more confident so you can command any room.

“If a speaker has the ability to inspire, they have the ability to do something very valuable – and that is to influence people lives.” – Chris Anderson, Curator TED

The Public Speaking Course will cover...

  • Developing confidence

    Strategies to project presence, power and charisma and move you from stage fright and going blank to owning the floor.

  • Your personal pitch

    How to create rapport, warmth and trust when introducing yourself + useful and practical networking tips

  • How to create an engaging opening

    If you can get the audience on side in the first couple of minutes you set up yourself up to speak directly into their hearts and minds.
    I will share my tried and tested opening formula that in my experience works every time.

  • Interview techniques

    Tips and strategies to prepare for being interviewed for job interviews, by the media for print, TV and radio, and for being on a panel.
    – This is a great way to start your public speaking journey and can help raise your business and personal profile.

  • Insights into the different learning preferences of an audience

    Understanding that not everyone thinks and learns like you, considering who your audience is, what they value and what motivates them will create rapport. For maximum appeal we will discuss the different learning preferences of an audience to be considered and included when preparing your presentation.

  • Storytelling

    Fun practice exercises to help you tell a good story.
    Neuroscience tells us that our brains are more active when we hear stories because we are imagining ourselves as part of that story. Stories are a really powerful tool for recall and the ongoing sharing of your idea or information and should be worked into a presentation.

  • Pulling your presentation together

    A practical exercise to get your ideas down on paper, ordered and edited.

  • Getting Creative

    What can you add to really make your idea stand out, be memorable and sharable?
    Be inspired by information and analysis from what the highest viewed Ted Talks all have in common.

  • Presenting Virtually

    Giving presentations on Zoom or Teams is very similar to presenting to camera where you have little or no audience feedback so we will do some practice exercises to get you prepared.

  • Humour

    We all love to laugh, audiences included, so we will have some fun, learn how to not take ourselves too seriousl y and discover your more playful persona and how to work humour into a presentation.

  • Outcome

    "My aim is to build your confidence, give you preparation strategies and presenting tools to be able to trust your intuition and really hit the mark with your presentations and resonate with your audience.”

Program Highlights:

  • Step by step process to creating
    your own short talk or presentation
  • Use the group as a test audience

Cost: 835

3 hours per week
over 5 weeks.

Extra Value & Attention:

  • Video review of your presentation
  • Lisa is available for catch-ups,
    phone chats and further mentoring

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday nights 6pm- 9pm

17 August- 14 September 2022

Mezzanine 55, 55 Rundle St Kent Town

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Kind words from some of our previous clients and students...

If you want to improve your public speaking skills...out of sight! then do this course. Lisa McAskill is a brilliant facilitator and you will learn lots. Thoroughly enjoyable, informative and interactive course. I loved it. Prema Joy
Lisa McAskill has been an integral part of the Next Level Elite - Athlete Mentoring program for 6 years. Her public speaking workshop sessions with our athletes have been confidence building, powerful, adaptable, individually tailored & super popular amongst ALL our past graduates. Lisa’s calm manner & ability to extract the best from individuals is exemplary. My recommendation for her skillset & professionalism is of the highest degree. Stewart McCully, Next Level Elite
If you are interested in presenting or developing professional skills in front of the camera, check out this course! Such a fabulous introduction to the media industry and public speaking, I learnt so much from this course and Lisa McAskill is such a wonderful teacher & you get the chance to meet a lot of like minded people. Greer Alexandra, Counsellor Educator and Founder of Modern Intimacy
"I can help you command the room whether you are speaking to an audience of one or a hundred."
Lisa McAskill

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