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I believe that anyone can master presenting and public speaking. My objective is to help you stand in front of any audience or camera and share your voice in a way that feels authentic and purposeful to you. I truly believe your fears should not have the power to impede your dreams and I’d love to help you become more confident so you can connect with any audience.

I’m Lisa McAskill, and I am one of those people who can honestly say “I love what I do!”.

I’ve been able to create “work” out of sharing my knowledge, experience and skills of all the things I enjoy doing most and somehow it all interconnects.

From being able to use presenters I’ve trained for TV commercials and client videos in my production company Fever Pitch Films, to being able to assist budding presenters in a wide range of industries, my job rocks. I get to tap into a knowledge bank of the very latest ideas and research shared by some of the world's top class keynote speakers that I get to witness at all the conferences I speak at and MC all around Australia—then share it with you.

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"If I can empower someone with the confidence and skills to pursue their presenting goals, share their ideas publicly or accept opportunities that they would have previously declined then that brings me joy."
Lisa McAskill

I’ve always been drawn to teach...

In fact, I was going to be a teacher when I left high school but I deferred as I was getting some modeling work that I thought would be short lived and wanted to save up to travel. That modeling work lasted for 15 years with lots of TV commercials and led me to a media career that I’m still involved in now 30 years later—it’s funny how things work out! One of my career highlights was the 14 years I spent as a reporter on Channel 9’s much-loved Postcards program.

Kind feedback from previous clients and students...

Thank you for always thinking of me, for the opportunities that come your way. I am so grateful to have met you and so thankful to you for giving me the chance to do what I love. Chloe Benton, Marketing, Communications, Board Director
Engaging, Inspiring and Passionate – Three words I’ve used to describe Lisa McAskill. In my experience of working with people, Lisa has the rare talent of capturing each individual’s strength, to enhance their abilities and make them shine! For those who want to succeed in their chosen profession or embark on a new one or just be the best them. This is a fantastic course. Thank you Lisa. Joanne Williams, GM Haemonetics
One of the best times of my life and great friends made through a shared learning experience and under expert tutelage. Alexandra Rosser, Head, Organisational Psychology Consulting, Registered Organisational Psychologist, Management Consultant, Coach

Lisa with clients and students, MC-ing events and filming on location

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."
Priest and TV producer of a weekly inspirational television show on the ABC James Keller.

I love this quote, James saw each person as a unique “light” to the world, capable of making a singular difference for the good like no one else.

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