What if you had the confidence and skills to connect with an audience and present on camera?

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Hi, I’m Lisa. Can I let you in on a secret?

As a naturally shy person myself, and not one to want to be in the spotlight, I’ve had to learn ways and strategies to cope with nerves and how to prepare—to give me the confidence to keep challenging myself and accepting opportunities. I used to dread public speaking and it is a fear that’s all too common. So, what if I told you that most of the people I have worked with have actually gone on to enjoy public speaking? And I’ve helped hundreds of people go from nervous wreck to confident presenter throughout my career. It’s a total joy to help my clients move past fear and accelerate their confidence and career in this way.
Because it is possible.

"Don’t let that incredible talent of yours go to waste. I can help you with what’s needed to connect with an audience of one or one thousand."
Lisa McAskill

From nervous wreck to confident presenter...

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“The secret to confident public speaking and presenting without the nerves and self-doubt is Lisa McAskill. She’s wise, smart, kind and her course and services are one of the best investments you can make in yourself."
Amy Springhall, communications strategist