Woman looking scared in front of camera

How to overcome your fear of the camera

lisa mcaskill Confidence, Presenting Tips

  • The camera is just one person

    The best way to overcome the fear of the camera is to imagine that you are talking to, and that the camera is, just one person. Instead of thinking I’m talking to potentially millions of people here, it is really just one person you have to connect with sitting in front of their screen or TV.

    So it is more about creating a one-to-one connection than addressing an audience of hundreds of thousands!

    The best way to create this connection is to imagine that the “person” is someone who is your number one fan, that person in your life that loves everything you have to say, or your ideal client who will be grateful to hear your information.

    This will help you to be more natural and sincere in your delivery style and even with your choice of words.

  • Look, don't stare

    You don’t have to focus intently down the barrel of the lens just look in the camera’s general direction, don't stare, remember to blink.

  • Soften your focus

    Soften your focus and smile with your eyes especially if it’s positive information you are presenting.