Presenting to camera

Top 10 tips for professional videos using your phone

lisa mcaskill Presenting Tips

Get clear: Clean your lens! Think about where your phone has been!! You would never treat a video camera like that! Reduce Movement And Wobble: Use a tripod or if you don’t have one balance your phone on something stable that is the right height…

Woman looking scared in front of camera

How to overcome your fear of the camera

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The camera is just one person. The best way to overcome the fear of the camera is to imagine that you are talking to, and that the camera is, just one person. Instead of thinking I’m talking to potentially millions of people here, it is really just one person you have to connect with sitting in front of their screen or TV…

Woman confidently presenting on Zoom

Tips for presenting on Zoom

lisa mcaskill Presenting Tips

Lighting: Ideally facing your computer toward a window with natural light coming onto your face will be the most flattering. If this is not possible use some lamps to bounce some light of the wall you are facing and maybe a side light to balance out light coming from other directions…